Semester Examination

The College has two semesters and examinations are done in the end of each semester. The word “Examinations” includes Coursework Assessment (CA) and Semester Examination (SE).

Coursework assessment includes assignments, seminar presentations, oral assessment, tests, and field attachments. Semester examination includes end of semester examinations, Supplementary or special examinations, Field Practicum Report, Research work, special paper and oral presentation.

Students qualifying for the semester examinations shall be registered and collect examination numbers from the office of the Head of Department at least two day before commencement of the examinations. A student may postpone sitting for end of semester examinations on circumstances acceptable to the College Examination Board (CEB) and shall have to sit for special examination.


Release of End of Semester Examination Results

Provisional results of candidates in every semester examinations shall be released by the Examinations Secretary soon after College Examinations Board (CEB).

The release of the final results shall be subject to incorporating corrections, if any, in the Dissertation/Project Paper, special paper and passing the same.

Declaration of all examination results shall take place after the Academic Planning Committee (APC) has approved the same.

Online Examination Results System

Examination results are uploaded into Online Examination System. The portal is accessible through internet hence is available anywhere.

Students must have be registered before accessing their examination results.

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