Research Areas

Our research focus:

The research and development (R&D) process is a critical stage in drug development in the pharmaceutical (Pharma) industry. As Academic Institution, MacWish College puts more emphasis into research. Being entry level researchers, the core day-to-day activities of our students will focus on conducting research at the bench as part of the drug screening and characterization process.
We focus on becoming the top research-lead college in the country and east and central Africa region. We want to venture in common R&D fields such as pharmacology, immunology, molecular biology, virology, microbiology, cell biology and neuroscience. Currently, the college research activities are divided into four main areas as explained below:

The college research activities are divided into four main areas as below:

We run research studies on effects of various forms of abuse, as well as their combined effects on street children.
In this research area we focus on child maltreatment with the aim of informing government and other stakeholders so that enhance the quality of clinical, legal, and policy-making decisions for maltreated children

We run research on physical and biological hazards pertaining to workers health welfare.

This has become a major concern to government and institutions so we want to be instrument by running studies in this area which will provide evidence-lead decisions by authorities.

Schistosomiasis has been one of the big problems in tropical countries including Tanzania and lake zone in particular. Being in lake zone we want to be instrumental and engage ourselves into researching in this area to give a hand in tackling this huge health disease.

We also covers issues on male infertility which as well is becoming an issue in the society.

Recent pandemic like Ebola and COVID19 has stirred us further on the need to research more in this area. We need to study more on social-cultural behaviors which leads to mass refusal to take up some treatment.