Our campus has amazing ultra modern facilities and infrastructure that gives a blissful experience of learning.

  • Administration Building
  • Library and Computer Block
  • Compounding Laboratories
  • Skills Lab
  • Canteen
  • Lecture Halls
  • Hostels

One of the most notable buildings is the Administration Building, which is the epitome of campus. The building serves all administration functions. All staff and administrative services can be obtained in this one building. The building is near the lecture rooms and hostel so students don’t need to walk long distance to access administrative services.

The Library

The library of the college is well furnished and has a collection of 3500-plus books on almost all medical subjects including some rare reference books with 100 students sitting capacity.

The library provides high quality services to the students and staff members for fulfilling the College’s vision and mission of being a global center of health experts. The library subscribes to national and international journals, business & computer magazines, newspapers etc.


Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has well oiled Computer Systems for the budding professionals. The Lab is well equipped with full apparatus relevant computer studies.

The compounding laboratories have the specialized equipment and laboratories needed to create a variety of compounded medications. The students will receive additional training and education necessary to create a custom medication for patients and the industry.

Our skills lab is equipped with modern training facilities. The skills lab is a specifically equipped practice room functioning as a training facility offering medical students, physicians in training and other medical staff alike.

The skills lab training follows a structured teaching concept, takes place under supervision and in consideration of methodological-didactic concepts, ideally creating an atmosphere that allows the repeated, anxiety- and risk-free practice of targeted skills.

We have a cute canteen through which a better standard of food and refreshments will be provided to our students and staff.

The canteen will also serve as place where students and staff of meet informally and refresh themselves by a relaxing conversation

Our lecture halls are physically comfortable place that will allow the students to learn through seeing and hearing the teaching material presented to them. The lecture halls are large size class with the capacity of 75-100 students per session.

The college will provide ‘A Home Away from the Home’, that is, hostel facility separately for girls, providing very congenial and homely atmosphere to the students.

To cater the needs of students the College will set up facilities to ensure that the students enjoy the convenience of boarding and lodging while undertaking studies at the College.