Management Structure

The College is managed through a hierarchical organizational structure in which the Board of Directors is the topmost apex of organization. 

The Board of Directors is advised by the College Advisory Board (CAB) comprised of highly experienced medical experts. The daily management of the College is under the stewardship of the Principal of the College.

Top College Executives

Dr. Rorick Kabangila


College Advisory Board

Ismail Said Buruhani


Godwell Ponda

Deputy Principal-Academic

Frank Mjigaba

Human Resource Officer


The college is organized into six units each performing specialized tasks:

1. Department of Planning, Administration and Finance

Units under this Department:

  • Planning Unit
  • Human Resources Management Unit
  • Finance Unit
  • Public Relations Unit
2. Department of Academics

Units under this Department:

  • Students Admissions Unit
  • Examinations Unit
  • Quality Assurance Unit
  • Students Welfare Unit
3. Department of Clinical Medicine

Units under this Department:

  • Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Emergency Unit
  • Clinical Nutrition Unit
  • Microbiology & Parasitology and Entomology Unit
  • Field Practicum Unit
4. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Units under this Department:

  • Clinical Pharmacy Administration Unit
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics Unit
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology.Unit
  • Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy Unit
5. Research and Development

Units under this Department:

  • R&D Policy Unit
  • Drug Discovery Development and Production¬†Unit
  • Technical Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property¬†Promotion