Meeting with Nyang’homango Village Leadership

On 22nd October, 2021 MacWish College was invited to attend a meeting with Nyang’homango Village Leadership.

The College was represented at the meeting by the Policy Administration Officer The main agenda of the meeting was repositioning of the College’s pledge to provide twelve full-load trucks of stones to support the village’s construction of a public secondary.

The Village Leadership informed the College representative that the College’s pledge will now be in terms of 42 bags of cement instead twelve full-load trucks of stones. The reason for the repositioning was that Village has received a Government grant worth TZS 150 million to support the construction of the village secondary school.

The College representative reported the Village decision to the Directors of the College who agreed to comply with the decision. The 42 bags will be handed to the Village Leadership at date that will be agreed between the two parties.

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