Our Objectives

Our main objectives includes:

  • Develop and enhance organizational ambidexterity of the college
  • Be aligned with national and global health objectives and strategies for the provision of competence based education and training
  • Design and implement continuing professional development programmes for faculty and teaching staff relevant to the evolving health-care needs of local and global communities
  • Produce health professionals who are globally competent and locally relevant, able to serve their local communities in an effective manner
  • Be supported by significant long-term financial investment, effective leadership and management an good information systems
  • Be monitored and assessed with respect to the quantity, quality and relevance of professionals practicing within the health system, and not simply on the numbers of new graduates
  • Implement inter-professional education (IPE) in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes by combining, managing and applying knowledge and understanding within and between disciplines
  • Set up a Research and Development (R&D) Centre to undertake community and industry-demanded research and consultancy
  • Turn the college into a reliable resource for and partner in local, national and global communities